Being a Trusted partner to your Customers means being there every time they need you.

We believe that means delivering business resilience, systems reliability, security, scalability, and insights like never before.

Requiring you to provide highly cyber-secure & scalable cloud infrastructure, Agile DevSecOps application solutions, and secure Data &Analytics platforms.

That's an uncommon thing.  But not for UNCOMN.

For over 10 years, UNCOMN has been battle-tested on the most complex Federal/military programs, and strictest DOD-level security requirements.

Our approach to Commercial clients focuses on business value first,  not Sec-Tech scare tactics, for your complex business and systems challenges that do require a very high level of resiliency, security, scalability, insights, and most of all...



Trust requires your business to scale and be “always available”, so we are AWS experts that can get your business on a secure, high performing cloud environment, that uses the right balance of AWS capabilities.


Cyber Security is at the heart of everything we do. Protecting Cloud / Hybrid Infrastructure, Data Platforms, critical Applications, Employee, Partners, and Physical Environments; based on business value vs risk.


We thrive in modeling business process transformation, then refactoring or developing complex modern and secure applications on the cloud, that rapidly deliver on your customer expectations and business value.

Data & Analytics

Trust is enabled by Insights. From Data Management Strategy to secure data environments on the cloud, then modeling and testing insights that deliver customer value and business performance improvements.

UNCOMN Services


  • Cloud Adoption Readiness (CART, TSO Logic)
  • Secure Cloud Migration Strategy
  • DOD-Level Cyber-Secure Cloud Architectures
  • Network Architecture & Design
  • Highly Automated Cloud Migrations to AWS
  • Automated Cloud Operations and Playbooks
  • DevSecOps Pipeline Automation
  • AWS Lambda Serverless Architecture Design
  • Secure Cloud Service Development
  • Cloud-Native Application Refactoring
  • AWS Immersion Workshops


  • Value Chain Vulnerability Mitigation Roadmap
  • "Threat Surface" Assessment
  • Future-Proof Cloud Strategy for Cyber
  • Cyber Security Enterprise Architectures
  • Cyber Policy & Standards Compliance Assessment
  • Social Engineering Assessment
  • Penetration Testing / Ethical Hacking
  • Single-Pane of-Glass Cyber Analytics
  • Cyber Training for Business & IT
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Cyber-Event Recovery


  • Systems Portfolio Analysis & Management
  • Complex Business Process Analysis 
  • Future State Transformation Mapping
  • Systems Architecture & Integration Orchestration
  • Refactor Applications for Secure Cloud
  • DevSecOps Enablement
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Full Stack Agile Development
  • Serverless Application Design/Development
  • Software Code Analysis & Vulnerability Management
  • Lean Project Management

Data & Analytics

  • Enterprise Data Strategy
  • Secure Data Environments on Cloud
  • Business Process Value & Performance Mapping
  • Data Modeling & Configuration
  • Big Data
  • Architect & Pilot Theoretical Models
  • Geospatial Information Services
  • AI / ML
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Governance

UNCOMN Recognition

As a SDVOSB (Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business), UNCOMN brings integrity and strong values, while supporting our clients’ diversity and inclusion programs.

UNCOMN's servant leadership approach celebrates “uncommon genius”, and our core beliefs prioritize the development and care of our people, as recognized by the industry several years in a row.

UNCOMN's commitment to quality is demonstrated by our processes and procedures that have been recognized by world leading quality management organizations. UNCOMN includes quality into every aspect of our engagements.

UNCOMN Core Values


We value our people over profits, our client and partner relationships over any short-term gain, and our human reputation over any material reward.


We are engineers, architects, analysts, and hackers. Rather than shying away from complex problems, we are attracted to them, applying systems thinking to develop elegant solutions.


We are not content with “good enough”. We pursue excellence in all we do – self-consciously working a little smarter, dressing a little sharper, and playing a little harder than the competition.


Humans with unique skill sets are often accompanied by colorful personalities. We encourage originality, seeking opportunities to align individual interest and passion with the work we do.


We pursue truth, goodness and beauty. We believe our business interactions should leave our employees, our clients and our communities better than we found them.

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